Gibson, Banderas confirmed for Expendables 3

While the world waits for Bruce Willis to return a punch in that slogging match he and Sly Stallone have seemingly kicked off (Bruce is cool, he might take the fight to Reddit!), the Italian Stallion has added a couple more names to his all-star “Expendables 3” movie.

Mel Gibson and Antonio Banderas, both fresh from supporting roles in the similar-themed “Machete Kills”, are onboard the upcoming sequel.

Banderas worked with star and writer Stallone on “Assassins” back in the ’90s, while Stallone’s been looking for something to do with Gibson for a while – at one stage even offering him the directors reigns on this one.

No idea who these two are playing but I’d say they’ll be appearing alongside that old vet ‘semi-automatic’.

The news comes hot on the heels of the announcement (and it was quite an exciting one!) that Harrison Ford would be replacing “greedy and lazy” Bruce Willis on the film, who wanted a million bucks a day to reprise his role as ‘Church’.

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