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Katie catches up with True Blood’s Kristina Anapau at the Benefit Screening of Weaving the Past

I had the chance to catch-up with “True Blood” star Kristina Anapau on the red carpet at the benefit screening event of “Weaving the Past: Journey of Discovery” a documentary by Shelley Morrison and Walter Dominguez to support the museum of social justice, opening soon in L.A.

“Weaving the Past”, directed by Dominguez, is the captivating story of two remarkable men over one hundred years ago and their passionate dedication to social and economic justice in a time of great injustice and suffering.

We caught up with “True Blood” fan favorite Anapau, who plays the faerie Maurella on the series, on the red carpet.

Hi Kristina, you look beautiful tonight, I love your dress.

Kristina: Thank you.

So have you known Shelly Morrison and Walter Dominquez before tonight or was this your first time meeting them and being involved?

Kristina: I’ve known of Shelly and am a fan of her work; I think she’s an incredible character actress. I’m a big fan of “Will and Grace,” so that’s when I first got to know her work.

I know you have a lot of projects coming out in 2013, what can we catch you in next?

Kristina: Yeah, six movies coming out.

So you’re keeping busy.

Kristina: A lot of independent film.

That’s great.

Kristina: Yeah, they’re all the coming out later this year and the beginning of next year.

Are there any that you’re really excited about?

Kristina: I’m really excited about “Sighting.” I think that one should come out by the end of the year. It’s a paranormal thriller.

That sounds exciting.

Kristina: Yeah it is, it’s a really good film, and I just saw a cut of it and was very happy. I can’t wait for everyone to see that one. Another movie coming out is “5 Souls” and I co-produced that as well.

Is that something you’re interested in pursuing more of? Producing?

Kristina: Yeah production, definitely.

Now, is there anything you can tell me about the next season of “True Blood”? I know it’s starting soon.

Kristina: No, I can’t say anything. They’re a secretive operation.

And how much more shooting do you have for the season?

Kristina: There’s about three more months of filming for the season, and it premieres soon, on the sixteenth and the DVD drops May twenty-first.

“True Blood : The Complete Fifth Season” is on DVD and Blu-ray May 21
“True Blood” returns to HBO on June 16, 9PM

You can follow Kristina Anapau on her Facebook here and her Twitter here.

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