Keanu now open to Speed 3?

Seems Keanu Reeves has changed his tune a bit in the last few days in regards to whether or not he’d be up for doing a “Speed 3” (Has fox got to him?).

Previously, the actor said he wouldn’t do it (“definitely not” were his words) but talking to Access Hollywood, Reeves seemed to be a little more open to the possibility.

“Probably not,” Keanu first said, but then added, “Never say never, right?”

“Sandra and I could probably do something pretty groovy with that,” he said. “Maybe [if] we were traveling through Europe… maybe on the Serengeti, and there was some kind of mishap,” the actor added. “It could be like a world tour. [Or] maybe we could go to Polynesia and then take us all across the world. Maybe if we shot for like four months and we have like a week off in every country, telling this kind of adventurous story for this couple.”

I can only imagine that someone from the studio has presented Reeves with the idea for a “Speed 3” in the past week (he would, after all, be seeing a lot of Fox at the moment being that he’s full-tilt into the “Day the Earth Stood Still” junket) and he’s being careful not to dismiss it as quickly as he did previously – just in case.

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