Screen Gems new Senior VP

Good bud and all-round producer extraordinaire Nick Phillips has received his Christmas bonus from Screen Gems : He’s been upped to Senior VP of Production.

Nick, who previously worked for Dimension (on such films as “Dracula 2 : The Ascension”, “Feast” and “Hellraiser : Deader”), has since switched genres to captain a boatload of comedies, and dramas, for the Sony offshoot. His most recent release is “First Sunday” starring Ice Cube.

Phillips, one of the many “Big Lebowski” devotees of Tinseltown, (whose “Hellraiser” lunch-box my wife will always be jealous of) will oversee production on “Straw Dogs,” “Boulevard,” “The Crossing,” a remake of “The Big Chill” and “The Untitled Hamptons Comedy,” among others.

Congratulations mate – – best to the family.

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