L.A Confidential 2 may go to TV

While a big screen follow-up has been mooted for years (as has an adaptation of “White Jazz”, the book which features some of the characters from it), an “L.A Confidential” TV series seems to have been only a recent idea… and one that might come to fruition.

Deadline says James Ellroy, writer of the acclaimed novel of which the 1997 film is based, and New Regency, who did the film, has pitched a “sequel” series to several networks, cable platforms and emerging distribution outlets.

No word on which characters from the Oscar Winning film will make the transition to the TV series or whether any of the actors – which included Kim Basinger, Russell Crowe, Kevin Spacey, Danny De Vito, Guy Pearce and James Cromwell – will reprise their roles for the small screen jaunt.

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