Lionsgate, Marvista to remake series of telemovies

Titles to get the redo treatment include Leslie Nielsen classic “Santa Who”

Lionsgate and MarVista Entertainment are teaming on a series of telemovie remakes of past classics like “The Babysitter’s Seduction”, “Sex and Mr.X” and “Sex, Lies and Obsession”.

Keri Russell and Phylicia Rashad starred in NBC’s “Babysitter’s Seduction”, Linda Hamilton and Jacqueline Bisset headlined “Sex and Mr. X”, and Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna were the stars of “Sex, Lies and Obsession”.

According to Deadline, MarVista are also planning to remake Dolly Parton’s ”Blue Valley Songbird”, Leslie Nielsen starrer “Santa Who” and “A Different Kind of Christmas” starring Shelley Long.

MarVista CEO Fernando Szew said, “Timeless tales that defined the made for television/movie of the week genre is a great source of proven IP. The reimagining of this lane of content is perfectly timed with the juncture of the reinvention of the television paradigm. With the proliferation of available viewing platforms, consumer desire for snackable content in a sea of bingeable series, these movies are ripe for re-telling through a modern and diverse lens.”

“We’re seeing over and over in today’s marketplace that popular evergreen content from decades ago is attracting bigger audiences than ever on new and emerging platforms,” added Lionsgate President Worldwide TV & Digital Distribution Jim Packer, “MarVista is the perfect partner with whom to reimagine these timeless television movie classics from the Hearst library with a fresh and diverse perspective but with built-in IP value.”

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