Male Gigolo is Evil again

The latest on the third “Resident Evil” film

I like Oded Fehr – reminds me, I must watch this screener for “Sleeper Cell” that the cable network popped down to me – I think he was fantastic in the “Deuce Bigalow” flicks, and even better in “The Mummy” movies. Never saw him in “Presidio Med”, but I understand he developed quite a following on it – regardless of how short-lived the series was.

Anyway, Production Weekly says he’s going to reprise his role as Carlos Olivera (from “Resident Evil : Apocalypse”) for “Resident Evil : Extinction”.

Now originally, the producers were looking to film this one in Australia. But it seems they’ve changed their mind and are now headed to Mexicali. Big blow for Australia. In fact, it’s the second film that was eyeing an Australian shoot in recent times and changed its mind at the last minute. Tim Burton’s biopic on Robert Ripley, starring Jim Carrey, was enquiring about booking space at Melbourne’s Dockland studios a couple of weeks ago, before Britain snagged them at the 11th hour. They have ‘better tea’ or something, there.

The main setting for “Resident Evil : Extinction” is the desert, so you can understand why Australia was considered as a possible filming locale. In the film, Alice (Milla Jovovich) is apparently leading a procession of humans across the Nevada desert on a long trek towards Alaska whilst avoiding the stalk of the undead minions of the wily Dr. Isaacs (Iain Glen). Mike Epps, who also appeared in the last sequel, is back for this one too.

Shooting begins mid-May.

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