Three new horror sequels announced

Thankfully, one of them isn’t “The Fog 2”

According to Bloody Disgusting, a third and fourth chapter in the popular “Pumpkinhead” series – remember that one? Lance Henriksen? vengeance demon? – are on the boil, with filmmakers Jake West (“Phantasmagoria”) and Mike Hurst (“House of the Dead 2”) attached to direct the films, respectively.

Though it’s unfortunate that the films will only be ‘Sci-Fi Originals’ (the third film premieres October 2006, with the fourth in October 2007), it’s fab to hear that original star Lance Henriksen will be back to appear in both – if only as a ghost.

Oh, and speaking of sequels that’ll need corn syrup as a main prop…

No wonder Stan Winston knew anything about “Wrong Turn 2” when we asked him – it doesn’t sound like he’s involved. Fangoria mentions that the sequel to the Eliza Duhsku starrer is indeed on the way, and will premiere on DVD later in the year.

The script, by Turi Meyer and Al Septien, “centres on Ma and Pa, the inbreds (also brother and sister!) who spawned the deformed villains seen in the original movie; the murderous couple terrorize the contestants on a SURVIVOR-style reality show who wind up getting lost in the savages’ woods”.

Twentieth Century Fox have confirmed that the film is indeed in the works, so sounds like Winston’s been kept out of the loop.

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