Maybe WB isn’t so keen to distance themselves from the Snyderverse?

J.K Simmons back as Commissioner Gordon for “Batgirl”!

For a crowd that’s said to “hate the Snydervese” Warner Bros sure doesn’t seem to be in too much of a hurry to distance themselves from the likes of Zack Snyder’s recent, trio of controversial superdude movies.

Ben Affleck, who even announced his departure from the role at one stage, is back to reprise his caped crusader from “Batman vs. Superman” and “Justice League” (both versions) for the studio’s upcoming take on “The Flash” (See below).

And now, J.K Simmons is set to reprise his Commissioner Gordon role from “Justice League” for the upcoming HBO Max movie “Batgirl”.

If Warner were really that keen to distance themselves from the Snyderverse, they’d not have dangled carrots in front of Affleck to reprise Batman, and they’d definitely not have ported over another actor from the director’s “Justice League” for their “Batgirl” flick- they’d have recast that role.

Don’t believe everything you hear, is what I’m getting at.

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