New Trailers for Catching Fire, How I Live Now, Monument’s Men

The all-star “Monument’s Men” movie, featuring George Clooney, Matt Damon, Bill Murray and half-a-dozen other guys whose brains I wouldn’t mind picking, has released a trailer.
George Clooney directs this one…. but to be fair, I hear he directs everything he’s in (oops).

Meanwhile, Lionsgate have released a new trailer (an international one) for “The Hunger Games : Catching Fire”. It’s a tad more exciting than the news that Coldplay have recorded the theme song for the film…

Trailer number three for the day is “How I Live Now”, the new Kevin MacDonald movie starring Saorise Ronan (always get that spelling wrong, but I think I did OK that time!). Film looks decent to very, very good.

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