Batman may go on an Adkins diet?

Seems Warner Bros are already ushering muscly guys to and fro from the casting couch over in Gotham Central.

Hot on the bat nipples of the wish list the studio has for their new Batman/Bruce Wayne, to be introduced in 2015’s “Man of Steel” sequel, comes word that UK martial-artist and actor Scott Adkins (“Universal Soldier : Day of Reckoning”, “The Expendables 2”) has tested for the part.

Adkins, 37, had been the subject of a pretty popular fan campaign to see if he couldn’t get on WB’s radar in regards to the part. Whether he gets the part is another matter, but he has at least scored himself an audition.

Adkin’s official Twitter account revealed the news, but the post has since been removed (likely at the request of Warner Bros or Adkins agent, whose afraid such a post might jinx it).

Here’s the YouTube video that kicked off the ‘Adkins for Batman’ petition :

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