Nighthawks being remade as a “streaming series”, says Stallone

There’s been on-and-off talk of doing a “Nighthawks” – the 1981 thriller about two cops (Sylvester Stallone and Billy Dee Williams) hunting down a crook (Rutger Hauer) in NYC – prequel or sequel over the years, and it seems one of those ideas has inched forward enough for Sylvester Stallone to freely talk about it.

The star of the classic thriller told Instagram followers this week that “we’re remaking [Nighthawks] as a streaming series, also at Universal. I’m really proud that all these things are coming back around, because they’re holding up.”

Sly, who also announced a “Demolition Man” sequel in the same Instagram chat, didn’t say where the series might land but Uni’s upcoming streaming service Peacock would seem to be a safe bet.

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