Paul Bettany to star in pandemic drama Harvest Moon

“Mean Girls” and “Freaky Friday” director Mark Waters to helm for Miramax


“WandaVision” alum Paul Bettany will star in dramedy ”Harvest Moon”, from a script he co-wrote with Dana Brown, for Miramax.

“Mean Girls” director Mark Waters will direct the film, which also stars Carmen Ejogo, Candice Bergen, Cary Elwes, Riley Looc, Malia Baker, Staz Nair, Rodney Richardson and Connor Falk.

“I’m thrilled to be teaming up with Bill Block and Miramax again to make Harvest Moon,” Bettany said, via a statement to Deadline. “The fact that it has come together so quickly is enormously gratifying and also hilarious. Dana and I wrote it to keep ourselves sane during lockdown and now we’re off to shoot with an incredible creative team led by Mark Waters. It’s all a bit of a dream. I’m very excited.”

“Moon” will fix on “a young boy who sees an opportunity to reunite his separated parents while the pandemic shuts down the world.”

“This heartwarming film reimagines complicated, but comical family relations under the unique challenges presented by the pandemic,” Block said. “We’re thrilled to be working again within the Miramax family having Paul, who brought his magic to Uncle Frank, and Mark, whose latest film He’s All That, a modern-day twist on the ’90s classic, climbed to Netflix’s number one spot in multiple countries.”

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