Promo trailer for TVs Teen Wolf

The headphone-wearing desk jockeys at MTV have leaked the promo trailer for the upcoming “Teen Wolf” TV series.

The show, the pilot of which is directed by “Highlander” alum Russell Mulcahy, takes a more dramatic, darker approach to the material than the Michael J.Fox/James Hampton ‘classic’.

Does seem very “Vampire Diaries” doesn’t it?


Does everyone remember going to see “Teen Wolf” when it came out?

I believe, though completed before, it came out after “Back to the Future”. I saw it at, if memory serves me correct, the Knox cinemas here in Melbourne. Packed house. And that whole ‘breathing scene’ that opened the movie had the young audience shaking like a Bates off his meds. Nice. But fun movie. Great work by Fox and… Chubby. Boof, too. Oh, and of course the great James Hampton.

The sequel? Not so memorable. John Astin was no substitute for Scott Paulin, I’m afraid. And Jason Bateman? Well let’s just say Fox had the right idea when he gave this one the birdie.

It may take a “keg of beer” but Michael J.Fox may get another spin in the Wolf Mobile yet.

Fox, were told, is being courted by MTV to appear as a recurring character in the TV spin-off of “Teen Wolf”, based, of course, on the hit movie starring the then-young Canuck.

The show, said to be a darker, more “Buffy”-esque take on the 1985 film, stars Tyler Posey as the shy wannabe-jock Scott (the character played by Fox in the flick) and Dylan O’Brien as the overeager Stiles. Hearing that the body of a young girl has been found in the woods, the duo head out for a peep. As is usually the case with all foolish endeavors, things don’t turn out as planned – Scott is separated from Stiles, and while trying to find his way, is lunged at by a ferocious, er, wolf. The next day, the youngster embodies the heightened senses and extra fur usually associated with characters played by Lon Chaney. It’s all quite fun.

Jeff Davis, who has written 100 odd episodes of “Criminal Minds” (a very decent series), is the main typist on the series, so the brand’s definitely in good hands. The guy is superb.

In a recent interview with E! Online, Davis – also the EP of the show – said “Teen Wolf” has a dissimilar tone to the original film.

“It’s a teen horror show,” he tells the site. “It’s going to be scary, funny and hopefully sexy.”

“We told our makeup artist that we don’t want so much a furry creature,” director Russell Mulcahy (“Highlander”) says. “We want a werewolf you could kiss. Ours don’t turn into dogs.”

Davis adds, “We usually say the others have werewolves you can pet—we have ones you can kiss.

Now I know what you all want to know – I did, so I asked – will Michael J.Fox be involved in the show?

Answer : Dunno.

Do the powers-that-be want him involved?

Answer : Yes.

Someone working on the effects side f things (you’ll recall I was producing a werewolf film – one, funnily enough, that had a character named “Scott Howard” in it; bit of a tip of the hat – a couple of years back, so had the pleasure of meeting quite a few ‘wolf’ designers) told me over email this weekend that “Yeah, believe they’re trying to get [Fox]. Saving that card up until its needed”. I assume, by that, our friend means the producers plan on bringing in Fox as ratings dip (if they do) or in time for sweeps?

Of course, one wouldn’t expect Fox – considering his health – to be able to do too much, but a recurring character (if even someone that pops up now and again- like his “Rescue Me” character) is likely something he might not only be interested in doing, but be physically capable of doing.

Were also told that “the soundtrack is going to be solid. Wait till you hear the tunes in the pilot!”.

Sounds like fun! And, should it come off, a Fox appearance will be feverishly exciting.

Got our full support on this one, guys!

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