Robbie, Liotta, Emond and more are Violent Talent

Australia’s Margot Robbie (“Pan-Am”) has snagged a role in Matthew Michael Carnahan’s “Goodfellas”-inspired “Violent Talent”.

Deadline says “Goodfellas” own Ray Liotta is also onboard, as is Linda Emond, Garrett Hedlund, Toby Kebbell and Riz Ahmed.

Emond and Liotta will play the parents of Hedlund’s character, who teams with his two oldest friends Angel and Quan (Kebbell and Ahmed) to build a criminal empire in a contemporary Chicago where he feels crime might be the most honest job around

“The story I’m trying to tell is the genesis and building of this criminal empire and while Goodfellas got at it a little bit, and so did The Godfather,” Carnahan tells the site. “The first part of the second Godfather, you see Vito Corleone becoming the Don, you see him shoot the Black Hand, you see him with the olive oil import sign. Ever since I was in college, I felt there had to be a lot more that went on to become the boss he was in the first movie. I always wanted to know what that was, and that is the story i’m trying to tell.”

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