Always knew Mary Jane Watson was a bit of a Midnight Special

Kirsten Dunst has been flipped right-way up again, after that oft-paused upside down Spider-Man kiss a decade back, and is on her way back to the big leagues. Maybe.

The actress, seen recently in the lovely but widely-unseen “Upside Down”, will star in the new film from Jeff Nichols, writer/director of the ‘shit! Matthew McConaughey can act!’ drama “Mud”.
Called “Midnight Special”, it’s tale of “a father and his 8-year old go on the run when dad realizes the boy has some kind of special powers”, says Deadline.

The movie also stars Joel Edgerton and Michael Shannon.

Considering Nichols is involved, and Shannon – one of the most in-demand actors around considers it worth his while – is present, I’d think this might be a good’n.

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