Sallah may be back for Indiana Jones 5

You can’t conclude the current run of “Indiana Jones” movies without giving us – besides one more turn from Harrison Ford as the grizzled treasure-digger- a final “Welcome, my friends” from Indy’s friend Sallah Mohammed Faisel el-Kahir.

Actor John Rhys-Davies passed on an opportunity to reprise the role in “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull” because the producers only wanted the Welsh actor for a throwaway cameo at the end of the film, as opposed to having him in a sizeable role- which, let’s admit it, he deserved. Heck, I would’ve been good with Sallah stepping in for Dogface Jones Jr or whatever his name was…!

Nonetheless, there’s a chance the former “Sliders” actor may reprise for the upcoming fifth and final (Harrison Ford-starring) “Indiana Jones” movie. If he’s asked to do it, the born actor will likely do it – as he tells Coming Soon :

“I understand the film is going to be made, allegedly in May. I have the slightest skepticism that the world will be able to shoot a movie like that in May. I suppose it is possible that I will be asked to be in it. If nominated I will serve! (laughs) But I think we ought to wait a little bit longer and, you know, let our masters actually make announcements and then you can either share my joy or my disappointment. Is that suitably diplomatic?”

“Indiana Jones 5”, which James Mangold is directing for Disney, is due for release July 29, 2022.

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