Sequel News : Deadpool, Scream, Godzilla vs. Kong, Rocky 7, Wind River and more!

Plus Lindsay Lohan has an update on that ‘Freaky Friday’ sequel


Deadpool 3
The upcoming second sequel to Deadpool, starring Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds, will see Wade Wilson meeting up with various characters from other Fox franchises like the Fantastic Four and X-Men, per Daniel Richtman. In addition, the same scooper reports Owen Wilson’s Agent Mobius from “Loki” will also feature in the film.

Godzilla vs. Kong 2
The sequel to Godzilla vs. Kong, recently filming in Australia, will be titled Godzilla And King if wrap gifts gifted to crew are on the money.

Scream 6
Jenna Ortega tells ET the absence of Sidney Prescott in the upcoming sequel won’t be too noticeable. “I will say there’s so much going on in this next one, that it’s so action-heavy and so gore-heavy, that I think you’re gonna be distracted almost.”

Rocky 7
Though he doesn’t appear in the upcoming Creed III, Sylvester Stallone hasn’t ruled out reprising Rocky Balboa for another standalone film. According to the Tulsa King star, you can add a possible Rocky reprise on the cards in addition to new TV series based on Rambo and also, Rocky – both of which he wouldn’t star in. More.

Freaky Friday 2
Jamie Lee Curtis recently mentioned she’d love to get a sequel to Freaky Friday off the ground. Appearing on The Tonight Show, co-star Lindsay Lohan expressed enthusiasm in a potential follow-up too.

Wind River 2
Wind River: The Next Chapter, a sequel written by Patrick Massett and John Zinman and expected to begin production in January, will see the return of Martin Sensmeier’s Chip Hanson from the 2017 film. “In the sequel, terror has escalated on the Wind River reservation as a series of ritualistic murders remain unsolved,” says Deadline. “The FBI therefore enlists the aid of Hanson, a newly minted tracker for the U.S. Fish & Game, who becomes embroiled in a desperate and dangerous fight between the authorities, a vigilante, and the Reservation he calls home.”

I Am Legend 2
The long-gestating sequel is still something Francis Lawrence would like to mark off his to-do list. “I have spoken to Akiva [Goldsman] a little bit about it, but I think that is still a ways away. I’d love to do it,” the filmmaker tells “I’ve heard some things about I Am Legend. We actually don’t have much, just brainstorming things for Constantine, but I’m sworn to secrecy on I Am Legend.”

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