Shawnee Smith returns for Saw 6

The success of the “Saw” series is absolutely astonishing – and I mean that in a ‘people are actually paying to see this shit!?’ sense.

Like any rushed relationship, I guess it started off good but got pretty old pretty darn quickly.

The first couple were good (I actually thought “Saw 2” was superior to “Saw”) but by “Saw 3” it was pretty clear cinemagoers were being seduced into watching the annual whipping of a dead dog. No bloody wonder creators Wan and Whannell walked.

I didn’t see “Saw 4”, but watched “Saw 5” (mostly on fast-forward) just to see whether the series had gotten back-on-track. It hadn’t.

You can count me out of the next one – most certainly.

Due for release this October (yeah, one a year until the bottom falls outta-the-thing), “Saw 6” will apparently bring back the character of Amanda, played by Shawnee Smith. Bloody Disgusting says that although the character will only appear in flashback scenes (She’s dead), the role is pivotal to the film.

In addition, Producer Mark Burg told the Official “Saw” site that “There are several new characters. Also, this movie is a lot more violent than the previous five. Lastly, we have traps that pit victims against each other like the opening of Saw V. Could be the best script yet!”

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