Short wants Three Amigos! 2

‘’Not so fast El Guapo! Or I’ll pump you so full of lead you’ll be using your dick for a pencil!’’…

It’s about as likely as having a fat cheque slipped under your doormat by the Government, but nonetheless at least one of the stars of the 80s gem “Three Amigos!” would like to see a sequel come to fruition.

Out spruiking his upcoming stand-up show at Crown, Martin Short told Australia’s Jono & Dano radio show that of all his films he’d love to do a sequel to, John Landis’s “Three Amigos” would be top of the list.

The original film featured Short, Steve Martin and Chevy Chase as three unemployed actors who accept an invitation to a Mexican village to replay their bandit fighter roles, unaware that it is the real thing.

Short, now 58, said he’s never had so much fun working on a movie, and unlike a lot of his other films, feels there’s actually room for a sequel there. If someone came to him today to ask him to do it, he would.

On the Chevy Chase roast back in 2002, Steve Martin said he was on the set of “Three Amigos II” – which, of course, was a joke. And likely will remain so. And with another 80s gem “Spies Like Us” recently earmarked for the remake treatment, one wouldn’t be surprised if bypassed the sequel route and went straight into reboot mode too. Remakes are, after all, trendier than wearing shoes without socks right now, right?

Short hasn’t made a film (well, one that he’s actually appeared in; he has lent his voice to a couple of films – like “The Spiderwick Chronicles” and the upcoming “Dorothy of Oz”) since 2006s “The Santa Clause 3” with Tim Allen and told Jono & Dano that he’s OK with that – preferring to spend time on the stand-up circuit these days.

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