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Sony’s next Spider-Man film to be animated?

Spider-Man nearly ended up at Disney, The Wall Street Journal revealed today.

Suggesting they’re still fucking lost when it comes to what to do with the sticky guy, leaked emails between Sony and Marvel reveal that the studios were looking at lending Peter Parker to Disney for the upcoming Disney superhero blockbuster “Captain America : Civil War”.

There was also chatter about Marvel producing an all-new “Spider-Man” movie trilogy, so long as Sony could retain the creative control, marketing and distribution. Marvel were the ones who approached Sony about the idea.

But talks between Marvel and Sony broke down, and Sony opted to develop something in house instead.

That something else? A collaboration with “LEGO Movie” directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord on an animated “Spider-Man” movie. Makes sense.

Sounds very much like we’ve seen the latest of the Andrew Garfield/Marc Webb “Spider-Man” movies, don’t it?

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