Taika Waititi to star in and direct Star Wars movie

There’s still an inkling of hope for Rian Johnson’s Star Wars sequel trilogy, too!

Taika Waititi plays 'Adolf' in "Jojo Rabbit"

Taika Waititi’s long-planned Star Wars film is one of only a few Star Wars projects now ready to leave dock at Lucasfilm, Variety said earlier today.

Other projects once on the drawing board at Kathleen Kennedy’s main digs, including Star Wars-related projects by Kevin Feige and Patty Jenkins, are no longer in the works.

The Thor : Love and Thunder director is believed to be not only directing a new film set in that galaxy far, far away (and in his case, set years and years before the days of Luke, Leia and Han) but he’ll star (!) in it too.

Meantime, there’s still an inkling of hope for Rian Johnson’s Star Wars sequel trilogy which, according to the Knives Out filmmaker Disney and Lucasfilm are still very keen to have him do but his schedule has prevented it from inching forward. Plus the studio are committed to working on a Star Wars film with Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, a two-time Oscar-winning documentarian (“Saving Face,” “A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness”), who made her live-action narrative debut with two episodes of 2022’s “Ms. Marvel” for Disney+.

A new Star Wars movie is expected to open December 25, 2025 and apparently we’ll find out at Star Wars Celebration on April 7 just which one-  and if it’s one of the aforesaid projects – it’ll be.

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