Tatum talks G.I Joe 2

It’s early days yet – with “Zombieland” scribes Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick only just landing the job  – but a sequel to last year’s “G.I Joe” is indeed on the way. Star Channing Tatum says he’d be quite happy for to take their time on this one, calling the first film rushed.

“They just found writers, I just found out”, says the actor, talking to Australia’s Herald-Sun. “I hope they take their time with it and really get it right because they really had to rush it last time because of the writer’s strike. They really want to make it great. And I’m here for them whenever they’re ready”.

Writers Reese and Wernick told Den of Geek

“GI Joe is such a fun, fun, fun playground for us. It doesn’t get any bigger than GI Joe”, said Wernick. “It’s such an inspired world and one where excited to play in.”

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