The director of the Superman reboot may have been revealed

‘Legacy’ will feature a younger version of the character than the one in ‘Man of Steel’

Warner Bros

As previously reported, James Gunn is writing a new Superman film for DC Studios, which he now co-runs with Peter Safran. Now, word’s out that the Guardians of the Galaxy helmer might also be directing the film as well.

Superman Legacy is said to fix on a younger Superman and Clark Kent, who won’t be played by Henry Cavill.It’s the first film in Gunn and Safran’s slate in their new roles handling the feature division at the studio.

Over at YouTube channel Comic Pop Returns, comics writer Tom King let slip that Gunn is both writing and directing Superman Legacy.

James Gunn is a super nerd and he’s super creative. He’s both the writer and director of the Superman movie, and he’s sort of the creative force behind all of this… and he reached out to a group of screenwriters and myself, fantastic, amazing whose names he’s put out there, and to work on making these movies and tv shows as good as they can be.

And it was his way of saying, you know, we need nerds in the room we need writers and that this sort of DC renaissance, this DC revolution, is going to be very much a storytelling, it’s story first, we want to tell fantastic stories. That is where we are starting, stopping.

The clip in which King revealed the news was later set from public viewing to private.

Superman Legacy will open July 11th 2025.

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