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These movies rumored for TV adaptations

Next to join the likes of “American Gigolo”, “Fatal Attraction”, and “From Dusk Till Dawn”?

TV series’ based on, well, any old movie I.P seems to be the trend these days.

Next to join the likes of “American Gigolo”, “Fatal Attraction”, and “From Dusk Till Dawn”? Shows based on films World War Z and Labyrinth.

According to oft-reliable scoopers Giant Freakin Robot, Brad Pitt will produce a small screen take on the 2006 Max Brooks novel, World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War for AppleTV+. Pitt previously starred in the 2013 film, which saw his UN investigator Gerry Lane fleeing zombies. It’s not yet known whether or not Pitt will retain his acting or pass on the baton.

A movie sequel to World War Z was in the works, with David Fincher onboard to direct, but Paramount canned it.

1986’s Labyrinth was previously announced to be getting the sequel treatment but a new rumor suggests there’s much more ‘maze’ coming – the Jim Henson Company is hatching a series based on the David Bowie fantasy film.

No word on what the series will be, whether a remake or a film set in the same universe as the original film/sequel, but it’s unlikely actress Jennifer Connelly will be back.

In 2021, when Collider asked Connelly if she would be involved with the movie sequel, she admitted she’d “had conversations about it,” but suggested she doubt it’ll come to fruition.

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