Thomas Haden Church returning for more Spider-Man?

Reprised his role as The Sandman in ‘No Way Home’

Thomas Haden Church reprised his role as The Sandman in the most recent Spider-Man film, Spider-Man : No Way Home – and seems he might be back for the next one, too.

In a new interview with The DisInsider, the Spider-Man 3 actor said conversations are taking place with Marvel to get the character back into the Spidey universe.

“We had a whole story involving his daughter, for ‘No Way Home,’ and it just ended up [cut]. There was just so much going on…Amy [Pascal] and Kevin [Feige], we all had a lot of conversations.

And I would say that conversations have been had about the possibility of Sandman coming into a future iteration of it. The conversation has happened about him coming back and maybe picking up a more fulfilling story and being not just Sandman.”

Later, he doubles down by saying of a potential return in the next film, “That’s been discussed.”

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