Trailer : Dark Asset starring Robert Patrick

Action-thriller also stars Bryon Mann and Helena Mattsson

Opening in theaters September 22, and available On Demand and Digital from Saban Films, an “adrenaline-fueled action film” fixing on an ordinary soldier (Byron Mann) that becomes the subject of a top-secret experimental program. Under the guise of enhancing his combat abilities, the program transforms him into a lethal living weapon. As the John Doe delves deeper into the project, he uncovers the horrifying truth behind the program’s objectives and the dark intentions of his creator. Fueled by a thirst for justice and driven by a desire for vengeance, the soldier breaks free from his captors and embarks on a relentless mission to dismantle the program while navigating a dangerous web of betrayal, conspiracy, and high-stakes action.

Robert Patrick and Helena Mattsson also star in the Michael Winnick actioner.

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