Trailer : Gregory Lamberson’s Guns of Eden

The director of the Slime City movies is back with his homage to ’80s revenge thrillers

Well-known independent filmmaker Gregory Lamberson, whose past credits include a wonderfully-entertaining and welcomingly corny genre film (Johnny Gruesome), low-budget mixed-genre late night cable fare (Slime City), and a creepy-as-flip supernatural thriller (Widow’s Point), this time tries action on for size! And it looks a lot of fun!

Starring rising star Alexandra Faye Sadeghian, GUNS OF EDEN gets a North American release this December.

The film, also starring genre icon Lynn Lowry and fixing on a group of friends being hunted by down an armed militia, is the filmmaker’s answer to the classic ’70s and ’80s revenge thriller – a’la First Blood.

Says Lamberson, “I wrote the screenplay as a mashup of DELIVERANCE, FIRST BLOOD and THE WARRIORS. That was back in 1996, the year Alexandra was born. We like to joke that she was born to play Megan Forest. The script went into a drawer because it was too ambitious for me to tackle, with the big cast and helicopter action. But 90% of the story takes place outside, and during the pandemic, the most challenging script I had suddenly became the most practical one to shoot.”

“Gregory, who gave us the cult favorite JOHNNY GRUESOME, is back with a high-energy, action-packed revenge film with a strong female protagonist” said Keith Leopard, President Uncork’d Entertainment. “This great mix of FIRST BLOOD and ATOMIC BLONDE is a real good time.”

Megan, her partner Jeremy, and his friends Blake and Gabriella go camping for the weekend. In the woods, Megan and Jeremy witness the execution of a drug trafficker by the local sheriff and his deputies. The campers attempt to flee, but the deputies seal off the mountain, and the sheriff gets an armed militia to hunt the strangers.

The pic will be available on Digital and DVD from December 6, 2022.

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