Trailer : Greywood’s Plot! starring Josh Stifter and Daniel Degnan

Stars Josh Stifter alongside Daniel Degnan, Keith Radichel, and Nathan Strauss

A pitch-black horror/comedy from producers Jason Goldberg (Glorious) and Brandon Waites (Followed), Greywood’s Plot premieres on digital September 16 from Terror Films.

Tonight, the trailer was released!

A labor of love, sending four real life friends into the wilderness of northern Minnesota to film a no budget 1950’s creature feature; with a modern, gory twist, the film is directed by and stars Josh Stifter alongside Daniel Degnan, Keith Radichel, and Nathan Strauss.

Scripted by Stifter and Degnan, Greywood’s Plot! explores the hunger for instant gratification in a modern world and the dark lengths mediocre men will go for infamy.

A struggling paranormal blogger named Dominic is on the verge of ending things forever, when a mysterious package arrives on his doorstep and changes his life…

A rare sighting of a classic cryptid caught on tape sends Dom and his best friend Miles on a road trip to find the fabled creature — and repair a fractured friendship along the way. Their half-baked journey leads them to a plot of land owned by an eccentric recluse by the name of Doug Greywood.

As Miles and Dom’s friendship is tested by the vast and mysterious wilderness they soon find where their true loyalties lie.

Greywood’s Plot! will be available worldwide on digital platforms September 16 from Terror Films.

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