TRON 3 could still happen, says producer

While the lightcycle mightn’t have had as much kick in it as Disney originally assumed, “TRON Legacy” has seemingly ranked up enough of a fan base, and enough checks from the home entertainment release, to generate significant interest in a third film in that series.

Originally due to go before the cameras a couple of years, “TRON 3” was abruptly cancelled at the last minute due to cold feet from the Disney brass.

Co-producer Justin Springer tells /Film he’s determined to make the movie.

“It would be great to get the opportunity to do it again”, Springer, out promoting Disney’s “Dumbo”, tells the site. “It’s interesting – what I will say is that I think it continues to be relevant both in its ideas and also just the visual iconography of it. I think people are still are interested in it and it still feels contemporary to me. So it’s just about finding the right time, right script, and the right people at the studio saying “yes.” You know, just the usual.”

With a new “TRON” Roller coaster having recently opened up at various Disney theme-parks around the globe, seems the house of mouse isn’t against doing more with the brand.

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