TV Cancellations : Charmed, Roswell, Magnum P.I, Kenan & more!

It’s a nice day for a ‘red wedding’…

The CW

What a brutal day for TV, with networks chopping a large quantity of shows from their schedule. Here’s a look at some of the programs that got pink-slipped today :


Magnum P.I (CBS) – Thomas Magnum won’t get a fifth season.

Charmed (The CW) – another reboot bites the dust.

Roswell : New Mexico (The CW) -the revamp lasted four seasons.

The 4400 (The CW) – only lasted a season!

Naomi (The CW) – didn’t get much of a shot, either.

Dynasty (The CW) – The Grant Show-starrer won’t be back for Season 6.

In the Dark (The CW) – no season 5 for this pup.

Legacies (The CW)it’s four and out.

Good Sam (CBS) – the Sophia Bush show got the axe.

How We Roll (CBS) – won’t roll again.

B Positive (CBS) – Season 3? not for this bunch.

The Endgame (NBC) – Freshman drama is out of luck.

Kenan (NBC) – comedy won’t be back for season 3.

Mr. Mayor (NBC) – Ted Danson can now return to “Curb”.

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