Underdog flying to Cinemas

Guess I better hang onto that box-set after all. Looks like "Underdog" is coming back into fashion.

The 60’s toon is getting a makeover for the big screen, says Variety.

Walt Disney Pictures and Spyglass Entertainment are teaming up to make a live-action feature out of the Buck Biggers/Chet Stover creation, with shooting scheduled to start as early as next January. Producers are considering using Vancouver as the backdrop.

Joe Piscatella and Craig A. Williams wrote the film script, which tells of a hound named Shoeshine who gets superpowers after a lab accident. Shoeshine is adopted by a twelve-year-old boy, who later learns of the pooch’s secret identity.

A real K-9 will be used for the flick, with the computer on stand-by for the more challenging scenes.

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