Wahlberg may play creepy, demented dad in Blumhouse project

Mark Wahlberg and Jason Blum are teaming for a movie based on a New York magazine cover story about a creepy father who manipulatively inserted himself into the lives of some young college students.

“The Stolen Kids of Sarah Lawrence,” a buzzed-about New York magazine cover story by Ezra Marcus and James D. Walsh, told of a group of young women and men attending the prestigious liberal arts college of Sarah Lawrence who found themselves in the orbit of a charming but manipulative father of one of their classmates.

Says THR, who has the scoop “In the lengthy piece, the man, named Larry Ray, was released from prison and promptly moved into the dorm of his daughter, cooking fancy steak dinners and regaling students with stories of his work being a CIA operative while extolling the virtues of a Marine life. But what was supposed to be a crashing in the common room for a few days led to Ray taking charge of the kids’ lives and then whisking them away to a private apartment in New York for a summer.

The article revealed the dark side of Ray, who saw his various connections to New York’s political scene (Rudy Giuliani is name-checked several times) fizzle in the wake of securities fraud and domestic abuse charges, things he blamed on people out to get him. Only his daughter, a student at Sarah Lawrence, stood by his side.

Ray turned kids against parents, inserted himself physically into their sex lives and abused them. But none turned against him, even praising how he turned their lives around in several court cases.

The article closes with a couple of students escaping the man’s mental shackles even as others’ lives had been turned upside down.”

It isn’t yet not known whether the project will be made for TV or film. if it goes the feature route, Wahlberg would star.

Blumhouse will produce alongside Wahlberg and Stephen Levinson’s Closest to the Hole Productions.

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