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Wisteria : MacLachlan involved? is it connected to Twin Peaks?


Let the “Twin Peaks” revival flames continue to rise..

Earlier this week, star Kyle MacLachlan hit Instagram to post a picture of a beautiful flower. That flower just happens to share the same name as the title of David Lynch’s next series, “Wisteria”.


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If MacLachlan is onboard, Lynch is writing/directing, Sabrina Sutherland is producing, and fellow “Peaks” castmembers like Andrea Hays seem to be in-the-know on something (see below), it wouldn’t be out of the question to guestimate the new series, which Lynch is doing for Netlix, is indeed connected to “Twin Peaks”.

Of course, they might simply be involved in an unrelated project – titled “Wisteria” – with Lynch; after all, he does like to re-use cast.



A couple of years back, Hollywood Horror Museum, of which Lynch’s daughter Jennifer Lynch serves as a board member, hinted that a fourth season of “Twin Peaks” was on the cards.

In response to MacLachlan’s post on Instagram, they say :



Yes, but we’re not going to say anything. The way you keep contacts and friends in the industry, is by respecting them and keeping secrets when they ask you to keep them.

— Hollywood Horror Museum (@horrormuseum) March 29, 2021


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