‘Ace Ventura Pet Detective’ Review : Jim Carrey’s it

Unashamed vehicle for ”Saturday Night Live” star Carrey from beginning to end, the proof being that without him, it would have been a thoroughly unremarkable movie.

Carrey is a detective who only works cases about animals. He’s hired to find the dolphin mascot of an American football team.

To say it unleashed Carrey onto the world is an understatement – every part of his body is like a contortionist on acid every second he’s on the screen, and the movie has no real redeeming features (aside from a bunch of cheap laughs) except to showcase his comic ‘talents’.

DVD : The newly-released Via Vision DVD includes a very decent transfer, audio commentary and theatrical trailer.

Dailies : Ventimiglia is Evel, Sony/Spidey update, Akerman in action

TV Casting : The Crown, Julia Child series