David Lynch’s Wisteria Updates : Cast tease involvement & Twin Peaks connection

The Netflix series is believed to be shooting this month


David Lynch’s next, “Wisteria” (aka “Unrecorded Night”) is long believed to be a secret title for what would be a fourth season of “Twin Peaks”.

Firstly, the Wisteria flower is a flower found in the U.S, especially in Texas – which is where Carrie Page (Laura Palmer’s alter-ego on the most recent episode of the series) is located. Lynch has said numerous times he’d love to explore Carrie Page’s story more.

While the new series is said to be set up with Netflix, the previous season of “Twin Peaks” (2017’s “Twin Peaks : The Return”) was produced and platformed by Showtime. If the upcoming series, which was previously rumoured to begin filming this month, is indeed connected to the cult series, Netlfix and Showtime would have to have done some sort of cushy barter or license swap somewhere. Sounds a lot of effort..

Still, over the past couple of weeks there have been more than a few hints that “Wisteria” is indeed inching close to production but predominantly, will be set in the world of “Twin Peaks”.


First, Kyle MacLachlan – not long after he posted a pic of the Wisteria flower (since removed from his socials!) – celebrated the 30th anniversary of the original run’s final episode with a mention of the unforgettable ‘How’s Annie?’ line. At the tail of the image caption, he adds “guess only time will tell”

Why add that unless he feels confident that audiences will one day find out what happened to Dale Cooper’s beloved Annie Blackburn, played by Heather Graham? It’s a huge tease, to say the least.


A couple of days later, MacLachlan mentioned that he’s in Eastern Washington. As fans know, “Twin Peaks” is located in that part of the world.


All of a sudden, a number of former “Twin Peaks” cast members including Michael Horse, Amanda Seyfried, Sherilyn Fenn, Andrea Hays and Kimmy Robertson have started posting pictures of the Wisteria flower – or purple flowers that resemble it – on their socials.


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It’s long been rumoured that Laura Dern and Naomi Watts, two former “Twin Peaks” cast members, are attached to star in the mysterious project.
While new to the world of Lynch and, in particular, “Twin Peaks”, Susan Sarandon suddenly posted about ‘Wisteria’ too. Might the “Thelma & Louise” star be aboard the project?


Furthermore, and it mightn’t mean anything other than they’re being paused from the platforms for a spell, both Netflix in the U.S and Stan in Australia have removed “Twin Peaks” from their libraries. They have long been available on both.


All of this mightn’t mean anything but if not, it’s the craziest series of coincides since The Simpsons predicted the last President long before his inauguration.

If filming is indeed about to start, we’ll likely hear some sort of official confirmation soon.

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