Eddie not so optimistic about Beverly Hills Cop 4

As sad as it is to hear the long-gestating sequel is still, well, on a slow simmer, it’s refreshing to hear Eddie Murphy’s answer to the “When’s Beverly Hills Cop 4 coming?” question in the below interview.

Out promoting his quality new movie “Mr Church”, the veteran funnyman hints that the fourth “Cop” movie isn’t any closer to happening. Acknowledging he’s made a lot of “bullshit” movies in the past (one of which would be the third “Beverly Hills Cop”), Murphy says he flat out refuses to punish his fans by doing a terrible “Beverly Hills Cop 4” just because it’ll make money. If it happens, it happens because they’ve found a good script – which he doesn’t sound too confident they’ll find, having hoped to see one for years now.

Filmmakers Adil El Arbi & Bilall Fallah were said to be attached to “Beverly Hills Cop 4” at last check.

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