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Exclusive : Familiar name for new American Pie

While doing the rounds for his latest film, the solid psycho-thriller “Bloodline”, one-time ‘Steve Stifler’ Seann William Scott expressed to reporters his interest in reprising his iconic character for a new film, suggesting it would be interesting to see where the former class clown is in his forties.

Alas, such a concept doesn’t seem to be on the cards right now, but that doesn’t mean Universal aren’t baking another “Pie”. The home video department are, as we recently reported, prepping another direct-to-disc spin-off, “American Pie : Girls’ Rule.”

Little has been released about the project.. but today I was tossed some fun info about the project.

The new film will return to the scene of East Great Falls High, the school at the center of the original 1999 comedy hit, and even more… it features Stifler!
Alas.. Stephanie Stifler.

Like Steve, 18-year-old Stephanie has a bit of a wild and crazy rep, but when she catches the eye of the new ‘good’ guy at school, she tries to change her ways. 

The screenplay has a similar tone to the first film, but it flips everything so that it’s the girls’ social lives we follow now as opposed to the lads. And it’s damn raunchy. Very.

‘Sherman’ is also in the film, but doesn’t sound like Chris Owen will be reprising the role — as ‘Principal Sherman” is now a sweaty, perverted overweight guy in his fifties. 

So, look, we mightn’t be getting OG Stifler anytime soon but we are getting a version. And some pie. Beer and pizza could compliment both perfectly.

“American Pie : Girls Rule” has only just kicked off casting, so it’ll be a while before we see it – guessing mid 2020.

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