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Exclusive : Sorcerers amass in new clip from Crackle series Cossacks

The 12-episode series streams September 1

Directed, written, and shot on location in Ukraine the action-packed sword and sorcery fantasy series “Cossacks” hits Crackle on September 1. To celebrate, Moviehole has an exclusive clip from the series.

The series stars Yuriy Dyak (The Inheritance), Andriy Isaenko (Silence), and Mila Sivatskaya (The Last Warrior).

Several Ukrainian actors and crew associated with Cossacks are now actively fighting in the war against Russia. Actors Volodymyr Kravchuk who plays Zubrik, and Volodymyr Kanivets, who plays Khan are on the front lines, as well as the production’s horse trainer Oleg Yurchshyn. The production’s pyrotechnician Olexander Suvorov was killed during the first months of the full-scale invasion.

“Cossacks” was created by executive producer and showrunner Oksana Ivanyuk, who wrote the series along with Oleg Zborovsky. The series was directed by Oleksandr Berezan and produced by Anastasiya Shteynguaz and Iryna Khranovska for ICTV, the largest Ukrainian TV channel which provided 50% of the production funding.

“Cossacks” is a 12-episode series following the irreverent exploits of Ivan, a young Ukrainian peasant raised by a Polish aristocrat who grows into a likable adventure-seeking rogue. His cheeky disposition enables him to rob the Tsar of Moscow of a set of precious jewels, yet it’s to a noble end: he needs the royal riches to free his mother from the Ottomans who have enslaved her. However, Ivan accidentally also makes off with a magical heirloom, an earring that had helped the Moscow Tsar defeat his enemies and leads Ivan into endless escapades.

“We are so excited to have our series premiere on Crackle,” said producer and creator Oksana Ivaniouk. “Since nearly every aspect of the series is Ukrainian, it is the perfect way for our people to communicate our culture to an American audience where they can join this exciting fantastical adventure for free.”

“We’re thrilled to announce this series is coming to Crackle – especially today being Ukrainian Independence Day,” said Phil Oppenheim, chief content officer for Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment. “Our fans have always gravitated towards comedy, action, and fantasy. This fabulously fun series has everything they’re looking for, and more is rolled up into an incredibly smart swashbuckling adventure.”

Brendan Murray negotiated the deal for Screen Media Ventures, who holds U.S. and Canadian distribution rights for the series.

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