Hensleigh talks Punisher sequel

IGNFilmforce talked to "Punisher" director Jonathan Hensleigh who revealed that not only has he got plans to work with star Thomas Jane on another project, but they’re already planning Frank Castle’s next adventure.

IGNFF: How does that factor into a Punisher 2 scenario?

HENSLEIGH: Oh, I definitely want to do that. Thomas Jane and I have a pledge to work together. I love him. I think that he is a new kind of American cinema actor that hasn’t been around for 20-30 years. He’s a sort of a throwback…

IGNFF: A new kind of old…

HENSLEIGH: You could put it that way, certainly. Sort of a new kind of an old kind of McQueen/Bronsan kind of guy.

IGNFF: And he has definite intentions to expand himself into that role…

HENSLEIGH: Well, absolutely – we both do, and we’re planning a picture right now.

IGNFF: So right now, as it stands, you don’t have anything planned for a follow-up…

HENSLEIGH: Thomas and I are taking meetings together on a number of projects, but there’s one in specific that we’re trying to get going.

IGNFF: Best case scenario, when do you hope to be in production on your next film, whatever it may be?

HENSLEIGH: October-November of this year.

IGNFF: And if you were to rate the chances?

HENSLEIGH: Sixty-forty it’s going to happen.

IGNFF: I have to ask you – what happened with Gemini Man?

HENSLEIGH: Well, it’s still going over there. I mean, I’m disappointed. I think it’s still in development. I did my duty, they were very pleased with what I did – I know they’re developing off my script – and it’s still going.

IGNFF: Is that a project you’d like to re-approach, possibly from a direction standpoint?

HENSLEIGH: I absolutely will. If they desire it, then I desire it.

To read the entire interview in which Hensleigh also touches upon his involvement with "The Hulk" and "Jumanji 2" click here.

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