Jackass Forever Review : Like a fine wine, Jackass just gets better with age!

What does this fourth feature film in the Jackass offer up in terms of plot?

Johnny Knoxville in jackass forever from Paramount Pictures and MTV Entertainment Studios.

What to expect from a new Jackass movie? There are going to be a lot of cuts, bruises, and broken bones. There are going to be plenty of idiotic and immature gags. There will be zero regard for personal safety. There will be plenty of genitals all over the place (which will probably be torture in the most horrible ways. There will be plenty of animals getting put in uncomfortable situations with terrified human beings. But what is the difference with a new film getting released in 2022? Everyone is 20 years older! 

What does this fourth feature film in the Jackass offer up in terms of plot? None…duh. But does that matter? The opening of the film sets up a fun spoof of a Godzilla film (with an interesting choice for a creature) but besides that, the whole rest of the film is a constant barrage of skits and gags. With the 20th anniversary of the film franchise, the members spend (minimal) time discussing their legacy and how things have changed over the 20 years. This bit of introspection does deliver some potential connections for the audience and a bit of heart. One thing that has gotten better over time was the budget. These gags feel A LOT more professional this time around and they certainly up the ante.

What does the gang offer up in terms of gags? One of the biggest additions to the film is the inclusion of some celebrities. Eric Andre is a great addition with his humor and overall attitude fits well with the rest of the crew. The drastic increase of budget also makes for plenty of bigger and bolder gags (including some updated versions of the original gags). There is less of a feeling of just randomly doing a bunch of dumb stuff and more of some well thought out and crazy stunts. There are stunts for all types with some plenty of animal related gags (luckily, they were not harmed), gross out gangs, people getting hit or shot with things, and general stunt work. The biggest blessing is the fact that there are plenty of laughs to be had at every turn. There is a distinct feeling of randomness and not every gag lands, but this is just a delightfully insane ride.

Was Jackass Forever worth the wait? It appears like the gang is bigger and better than ever. They might be older, but they have a youthful disregard for safety as the whole crew puts their bodies and self-respect on the line for our enjoyment. Big dumb fun all around! Rally up your crew of friends, maybe pre-game a bit, and go have a blast at the movies. 

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