Mike’s Review : Jackass Forever

As the credits rolled my wife said to me, “everybody needs to laugh like this…especially now.” 

Johnny Knoxville, Sean “Poopies” McInerny, Rachel Wolfson and Steve-O in jackass forever from Paramount Pictures and MTV Entertainment Studios.


OK, since we have younger readers, the word HATS is code for something else.  A place on the body that many men, this one included, consider very special.  Thankfully the group that make up the JACKASS gang have different feelings, and their pain is our laughter.

It’s been almost 20 years since Johnny Knoxville and his band of idiots amused viewers with such harmless pranks as sneaking up on someone and shaving part of their heads, or blowing an air horn at a fancy golf course during people’s backswings.  My how the times have changed.

“Jackass Forever” is exactly what you think it is.  A group of friends hanging out and doing all kinds of things to each others, and some times their own, private parts.  And as unusual as that may sound, it’s truly mesmerizing.  It’s like when people slow down to look at a car accident but in this case you’re stopping to  to watch someone wearing only a protective cup take a direct hit from a soft ball, an NHL player’s slap shot or even a pogo stick.

With some of the Jackass gang getting up there in age, a majority of the pranks are done by a new generation of pranksters, including one who answers to the name “Poopies.”  There is also a father/son team who seem to put their fears aside (anyone want a giant spider crawling on their heads?) in order to spend some quality time together.

Is it fine art?  No.  But it’s hilarious.  This is probably the hardest my wife and I have laughed since “BORAT.”  As the credits rolled my wife said to me, “everybody needs to laugh like this…especially now.”  My thoughts exactly.

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