John Carpenter rebooting The Thing

A reboot of ’80s classic “The Thing” is in the works at Blumhouse with original helmer John Carpenter likely returning in a producing capacity.

Blumhouse and Carpenter collaborated on the recent “Halloween” revival and its 2021 sequel, “Halloween Kills”.

Carpenter himself revealed the news on a panel at the Fantasia International Film Festival on the weekend, says Variety.  In the Q&A, Carpenter was asked if he had talked with Blumhouse chief Jason Blum about directing any projects himself.

“I have? I don’t know about that,” Carpenter said. “But we’ve talked about — I think he’s going to be working on ‘The Thing,’ rebooting ‘The Thing.’ I’m involved with that, maybe. Down the road.”

Carpenter didn’t say whether the film would be a remake, sequel or prequel — like the 2011 film that was set before the events of Carpenter’s film.

The core story of “The Thing” — about an Antarctic research team contending with a parasitic alien life form that can imitate other people — has been revisited a few times in Hollywood. It’s based on the 1938 novella “Who Goes There?” by John W. Campbell Jr.


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