Juliette Binoche trucker thriller Paradise Highway wraps

Morgan Freeman, Frank Grillo, Cameron Monaghan, and Hala Finley also star


Silver Reel announced today that filming has lensed on “Paradise Highway” from writer-director Anna Gutto.

Juliette Binoche, Morgan Freeman, Frank Grillo, Cameron Monaghan, Hala Finley, Veronica Ferres, Christiane Seidel, and Walker Babington make up the credit block.

The pic as been pre-sold to Lionsgate for distribution in North America and international sales.  ZDF boards as co-producer and German distributor. Both deals were secured by Silver Reel’s Claudia Bluemhuber.

Sally (Binoche), a truck driver, has been forced to smuggle illicit cargo to save her brother Dennis (Grillo) from a deadly prison gang. With FBI operative Gerick (Freeman) hot on her trail, Sally’s motivations and conscience are challenged when the final package turns out to be a teenage girl (Finley).

Gutto comments, “It’s an honor to work with Juliette Binoche and Morgan Freeman. Their performances are…electric. And, on top of that, having young talent Hala Finley come in and unapologetically impress us. Seeing powerhouse Juliette in generous awe with Hala, I knew we’d create a uniquely powerful connection on screen. The whole cast; Frank, Cameron, Veronica, Christiane, Walker – embracing their conflicted characters, working alongside real women truckers Desiree Woods and Dianne McNair-Smith – it fills the story with passion and truth.”

Bluemhuber continues, “Having Juliette take on this brave, gutsy role in a deeply thought-provoking and thrilling story is incredibly exciting. Seeing Morgan Freeman on screen with Juliette for the first time is magical. With Lionsgate and ZDF we have found the perfect partners to bring this film to a global audience.”

Barry Brooker, president and CEO of Grindstone Entertainment Group, which is handling the release for Lionsgate, added, “We’re thrilled to be adding this film to Lionsgate’s slate. The cast performances combined with Anna’s deeply researched story elevate this thriller. Paradise Highway will keep audiences riveted, and the questions it raises will stay with them long after viewing.”

Simone Emmelius, SVP International Fiction, Coproduction & Acquisitions at ZDF, added, “We are excited about this high-class cinematic co-production, which is not only shaped by strong women, but also tells a story full of female power, courage and bravery.”

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