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Waterworld 2 coming to a [TV] screen near you!

For a film regarded as a bonza-size turd upon its release, Kevin Reynolds Kevin Costner’s “Waterworld” sure does seem to have had the last laugh.

The film, best described as “Mad Max on Water”, ended up costing Universal $175m after all was said and done, but did make a pretty penny on VHS and DVD in the years that followed its initial 1994 release.

Universal even has a successful “Waterworld” themepark attraction at Universal Studios…

… at least I think it’s still there.

Hang on, I’ll check.

YEP! Still there.

So clearly, the pricey adventure movie paid off over time.

Now, producer John Davis (“Predator”) and producing partner John Fox have inked a deal to bring “Waterworld 2” to the small screen.

The sequel series looks to already have a home, too.

“Larry Gordon and myself, we’re the producers on that movie”, David tells Collider. “And with John, we are all re-imagining it for the streaming version.”

“For now, it’s at Universal Television, and we are putting it together. But yes, we think it already has a home,” added Fox, suggesting Peacock might be “Waterworld : The TV Show”‘s future home.

There’s no showrunner yet, says Davis, and obviously there’s no lead – – but the producers only need look to “Yellowstone” to see who makes for a terrific ‘Young Costner” :

Maybe WB isn’t so keen to distance themselves from the Snyderverse?

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