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Northern Exposure returning!

“Surprising, not” as a wisecracking but wise 900-year-old Jedi Master might say, a reboot of yet another classic series has inched towards a lens.

‘90s hit “Northern Exposure”, the quirky CBS dramedy that starred then-newcomer Rob Morrow as a big-city doctor assigned to work as the local GP for a small-town in Alaska, is making a comeback. Morrow, who went on to star in such films as Robert Redford’s “Quiz Show” and “Last Dance” with Sharon Stone, will reprise his role as Dr. Joel Fleischman, with most of the original cast – which included Janine Turner, Barry Corbin, Cynthia Geary, and Darren E. Burrows – also returning.

John Corbett, who played Chris Stevens on the initial run and went on to fame in such films and series as “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and “Sex & The City”, is producing the revival. His participation suggests we’ll see his charming disc jockey again, too.

In the sequel series, which original creators Joshua Brand and John Falsey are spearheading, Fleischman returns to Cicely, Alaska, for the funeral of an old friend and reunites with some of his former neighbors and meeting a new set of quirky characters.

Brand is writing the script and will executive produce with Falsey, Morrow and Ben Silverman.

There have been rumours of a “Northern Exposure” revival for a couple of years now, with cast member Burrows stating in 2017 that Morrow had been trying to make it happen.

CBS got into the reboot-revival game early on, punting on returns of ’90s staple ‘’Murphy Brown” and the new “Magnum P.I”.

“Twin Peaks”, which “Northern Exposure” was consistently compared to in the ‘90s (the latter even featuring a great reference to the show here and there), returned last year to television for an 18-episode run on Showtime.

“Northern Exposure” ran for five years from 1990-1995, with Morrow exiting the series eight episodes out from the series finale.

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