Online rumors suggest Heat 2 cast coming together

Michael Mann will assumingly be back at the helm

Online insiders have been talking Heat 2 casting of late – with rumors recently surfacing that Adam Driver, Austin Butler, William L.Peterson and Heat (2005) star Al Pacino involved. Some sort of confirmation on most of that talk was printed in Production Weekly late last week, with Driver and Butler mentioned as starring alongside returning star Pacino.

The film, based on Michael Mann and Meg Gardiner’s novel, would flash back and forward between the ’80s and 2005 – which is when the original film ended. Pacino would purportedly reprise the role of Vincent Hanna with Butler taking over the role of Chris Shiherlis, the lead character in the sequel, from Val Kilmer.

Driver, currently working with director Michael Mann on his Ferrari biopic, is rumored to be playing young Neil McCauley, the character Robert De Niro played in the first film.

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