Round-up of those Fantastic Four casting rumors!

Here’s who’s supposedly up for the Marvel Studios movie

There’s been a lot of scuttlebutt on Fantastic Four casting over the past few days with everyone from Adam Driver to Mila Kunis, Seth Rogen, Paul Mescal and now Margot Robbie said to be on that short-list for roles in Matt Shakman’s upcoming feature version of the Marvel comics classic.

As previously reported, 65 alum Driver is said to be as good as a lock to play Reed Richards/Mr Fantastic while Mila Kunis has been rumored to play crusty giant, The Thing (!). Sounds a little hard to believe? well, apparently it is – Kunis has denied the report, while others have weighed in suggesting Seth Rogen may actually be in the mix for that particular role. Not to say Kunis wouldn’t be be great as Grimm but it would be a very out-of-left-field approach to casting for Marvel.

Meanwhile, Aftersun alum Paul Mescal has been rumored for the Johnny Storm role – but no word on how solid that whisper is or whether it’s null and void now.

The Margot Robbie as Sue Storm rumor emerged a day or so ago, with the Barbie and Birds of Prey actress rumored to have been offered the part of the missus to Driver’s mister.

Last but not least, a rumor last week suggested Zorro fave Antonio Banderas will play the film’s villain Galactus.

The flick is still a couple of years away but obviously they’ll want to have their cast locked in time for announcing at Comic-Con in the summer.

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