See Michael Jai White as the new Undercover Brother

This looks fun!

In a clever bit of casting, “Spawn” and “Dragged Across Concrete” alum Michael Jai White inherits the ‘fro from Eddie Griffin in a sequel to the comedy “Undercover Brother”.

“In the present day, The Brotherhood is still fighting back against The Man – not a metaphor. After perishing in an avalanche years ago, Lionel is found alive, while his brother, the infamous Undercover Brother, remains in a coma. Determined to seek revenge against The Man and prove himself as more than just Undercover Brother’s Brother, Lionel uses his own unique brand of funk & disguise to save the world.”

Skedded for a direct-to-disc (or is it direct-to-stream, these days?) release later this year, the film also features the always-fantastic Barry Bostwick (“Spin City”), Affion Crockett, Vince Swann, Njema Williams, Laila Odom, Gary Owen and Lindsay Lamb.

Production recently wrapped in Atlanta on the film.

The pic is one of several theater-bypassing sequels Universal has lined up for the year, with “Backdraft 2” (see our exclusive here) and “Jarhead : Law of Return” also on the way.

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