Still : A Michael J.Fox Movie : This is Heavy

A beautiful portrait of faith, inspiration and incredible strength

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A beautiful portrait of faith, inspiration and incredible strength, Still : A Michael J.Fox Movie offers an honest and unflinching look inside the life and struggles of one of today’s most beloved actors.

Chronicling Fox’s early years as a young Kanuck whose parents moved him to Hollywood to give Hollywood a whirl, leading into his big breaks on both television (“Family Ties”) and film (Back to the Future), before transitioning into his public battle with Parkinson’s disease, Davis Guggenheim’s superbly told – and edited (the way editor Michael Harte has interlaced clips from Fox’s films in here is truly exceptional) – documentary plays as both a message of hope and a reminder to make the most of life, no matter the obstacles seemingly in the way of doing so.

Far from a simply structured point-and-shoot expose on an artist’s personal and professional life, the film blends creative cutting choices with one of the most honest, sometimes heartbreaking but ultimately motivational sit down interviews the actor behind such legendary characters as Alex P.Keaton and Marty McFly has given. Don’t miss it.

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